THE mobile Badminton Court

  • permits to play Badminton in every Tennis Center and Multipurpose Halls
  • 4 Badmintoncourts on 1 Tennis Court
  • loose laid ready for instant play
  • perfect surface, completely flat
  • European High Level Quality
  • 3,7 mm excellent foothold, safe for extreme footwork
  • international tournament quality, B.W.F. approved


used in all continents for World Championships/Thomas- and Uber-Cup, World Grand Prix, European Championships, Europe Cup, European Circuit, Panamerican Games, international ties, Deutsche Bundesliga, national championships etc.

PRO COURT for Recreation Badminton

VICTOR PRO COURTs for Recreation Badminton, Public Badminton Centers etc. are mostly used in Tennis-Halls, Multy-Sport-Halls, halls with insufficent floor conditions, hired halls and when Badminton-lines only are requested.